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Many high-profile personalities have genuine structuring needs. Finding a partner that they can trust to do the right thing and to act in their best interests is key.

Real solutions for genuine needs

HIGHVERN has an experienced team that works closely with a number of high-profile international sports and entertainment clients with legitimate structuring needs. HIGHVERN has experience of establishing and administering structures designed to receive royalty payments, hold image rights and address other contractual matters.

Partnering with the best advisers

Not only does HIGHVERN work with leading tax and legal advisers to establish high quality, sustainable and transparent structures but it also works alongside a number of private offices operated on behalf of its clients to ensure the ongoing effective administration and governance of such structures.

Safeguarding your reputation

HIGHVERN does not engage in any aggressive tax planning in relation to the structures that it establishes or operates and at all times works closely with its clients to ensure appropriate levels of tax reporting and transparency. It also works closely with experts in the field of reputational risk.

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Naomi Rive

Group Director & Head of Family Office

Naomi is a Group Director and Head of Family Office Services at Highvern. A lawyer by training, Naomi was called to the English Bar in 1999 and re-qualified as a Jersey Advocate in 2003.

During her time as a Partner at offshore law firm, Appleby, Naomi provided wealth-structuring advice to high and ultra high net worth individuals, international private banks and trust companies. At Highvern, Naomi leads the business’ Family Office proposition as well as having oversight of all matters relating to fiduciary risk, standards and competency within the business. Naomi works closely with clients and their independent legal, tax and investment advisers to ensure the establishment and implementation of robust and sustainable wealth planning structures. Naomi has considerable experience of providing trustee services in connection with complex trust structures and sitting as a director on the boards of private trust companies. Naomi is a member of the board of directors of Highvern Trustees Limited, Chair to the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) in Jersey and sits on the Jersey Finance Trusts Law Working Party.

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Miles Le Cornu

Head of Private Client Services

Miles is Head of Private Client Services at Highvern and has over 30 years experience in the Trust industry, the majority of these in positions of senior management.

Miles is responsible for all aspects of private client administration, relationship management and development.

Prior to joining Highvern, Miles spent 18 years at BNP Paribas as head of all Wealth Management activities in Jersey. Whilst his career has provided him with the opportunity to work with wealthy families from all parts of the globe he has significant experience of working with families in the Middle East and  Asia, regions he has travelled to extensively.

Miles is a member of the board of directors of Highvern Trustees Limited, an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Financial Services and a fully qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (TEP).

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Philip Carlton

Private Client Director

Philip is a Private Client Director at Highvern. Philip has 3 decades of experience as a Trustee in both Jersey and the UK, working exclusively in the Trust industry.

Philip works as an advisor to high and ultra high net worth clients, predominantly in the Middle East but also Russia and Central Europe. Philip’s expertise covers the UK taxation of offshore structures, particularly where the structures hold UK residential or commercial real estate.

Philip has a postgraduate award in leading operations and process management in the service sector  from Warwick Business School, and is a fully qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (TEP).

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Magdalena Gruell

associate director, Private Client Services

Magda is a Private Client Associate Director at Highvern. Magda has 8 years experience in Trust, having previously worked in the marketing and advertising industry.

Magda spent 4 years administering UK based structures before taking on a predominantly Middle Eastern high and ultra high net worth client base.

Magda is a fully qualified member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (TEP).

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Aileen Craig

Trust Manager


Aileen is a Trust Manager at Highvern. Aileen has worked in various administrative roles within the Trust industry, ultimately moving to Private Client Services in 2004.

Aileen has 12 years experience working in Trust, administering a range of investment and property holding structures for high net worth individuals, mainly based in Asia.

Aileen is a fully qualified member of the Society and Trust and Estate Practitioners (TEP).

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